About Us

We are just like you. Always on the go. Non-stop 24/7/365. Tweets, Instagram, emails, videos, pictures, skype calls, facetime, uploading & downloading our daily lives. All that comes at a cost. Constant need to keep our gadgets charged. We are beholden to that damn power outlet. And that keeps us off the Streets, Mountains, Snow, and Surf. No Bueno. 

We feel your pain. The solution is Modular Design Theory. 

Modular Design Theory is constantly developing new ways to present you products that keep you away from the power outlet and out in your playground. All done with style and a vibe that represents the active life you embrace. Our team has been baptized through our constant contact with nature. We harness Mother Nature's power outlet and create products designed to be part of the active sports lifestyle. 

We get it, you want to stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors, but do us a favor and turn off the ringer.